Customizable photo app for events and brand activations

Photos are essential for every kind of private / corporate events and brand activations. The best way to entertain visitors while allowing them to produce branded photos to share on social media.
Until now, you may have worked with local photo booth rental companies or paid a software development company to develop a customized photo app for you. This can cost you roughly $1,500 for a 2-3 day long project. Now you have the ability to create your own custom photo app with zero coding and save up to 90%.
Social Shot works on iPad and uses the read cam to take photos. You need to use our front cam app Photo Booth if you are planning to use a tripod or a stand to take photos.
Customizing Social Shot takes only 5-10 minutes. Then you will have a custom photo app developed for your project.
The main difference between a regular photo booth and Social Shot is the portability. Your staff can take it to the every corner of your event venue.
Photo app for events and brand activations

Social Shot

Point, shoot, send. A fully customizable photo app with custom frame.

How to customize?

With the Appseno Control Panel, you can fully customize Social Shot. We gathered these customizations under three categories;

– Design (color) Settings
– Text Settings
– Photo Frame Settings
– Email Settings

Design Settings

Within the scope of design settings; you can upload your logo, change the background color and all text colors as you want.

Text Settings

You can edit all titles and subtitles. If you want, you can easily translate it into a different language. All you have to do is enter the translations in the language of your choice instead of the English texts.

Frame Settings

You can upload your custom photo frame here. The file format must be a PNG and the resolution must be 2160 x 2160 pixels. Get creative but don’t forget to leave lots of blank (transparent) space.

Email Settings

Social Shot sends photos to the participants via email. You can also fully customize emails sent. Email sender name, subject and email body can be edited. Your visitors see your brand, event or project name as sender.

As you can see, it’s very easy to turn Social Shot into a photo app specially developed to your project. Moreover, no coding knowledge is required.

After finishing customizations, all you need to do is download the Social Shot from the App Store, install it on all iPads you plan to use in your project and login with your 16-digit activation code found in the Appseno Control Panel.

Each project has its unique activation code.

You can install and use the app on as many devices as you want, and even create multiple projects at the same time. There are no limitations.

The photos and collected participant data are stored in the Appseno Control Panel and can be viewed at any time. You can export your data collected during or during the project in .xls format

Purchasing & plan options

While developing Social Shot, we designed it to meet all the needs of the industry. Purchasing options are also offered in the same mindset. That’s why we don’t offer auto-renewable subscription options. You can buy it for a week or a month, you will not be charged again when your product expires. If you need Social Shot later, you can repurchase or choose the lifetime access option. In this case, your product will never expire.

For example, for a 3-day event, you can purchase and use a weekly license and easily export the photos and data at the end of the project. Even if your product has expired, the recorded data will not be lost and accessible anytime.

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