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About Us

We created Appseno out of necessity – to help agencies and brands embrace digital easier.

Our Story

Client: Hi there! We need an app for the upcoming project.
Us: Sure! Do you have anything in mind?
Client: Yes. It should do this, then this, and that.
Us: OK! No problem. How much time do we have?
Client: 3 days. 😇
Us: 😐😐😐
Client: Do you have anything like that in hand?

We don’t even know how many times we heard the same question over and over again while developing apps & games for experiential marketing agencies.

Now we say; Yes! We have something better.

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10+ Years
of Experience in Software Development

As an app, software and game development company deeply focused on supporting marketing agencies and event management companies, we gained vast experience on different verticals. 

After 10+ years and 100+ successful projects, we’ve literally seen them all. And decided to use this knowledge to step forward with Appseno.

We determined the most commonly used apps and re-developed them using special techniques.

Our fully customizable apps are carefully designed with the dynamics of the industry in mind. We constantly look for new ways to improve ourselves and gain better understanding on our clients’ needs.

We are here to change the game.

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