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Fully Customizable

Apps for

Brand Activations
Retail Points
Corporate Events
Marketing Agencies

Apps for

Marketing Agencies
Retail Points
Brand Activations
Corporate Events

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Apps for Events and Brand Activations

Featured Apps

Ready-to-use and fully customizable apps for events and brand activations.

Photo app for events and brand activations

Social Shot

Point, shoot, send.
A white label photo app with custom frame.

Registration app for events and brand activations

Data Master

A fully customizable data collection app for events and brand activations.

Photo booth app for events and brand activations

Photo Booth

Let your guests create memories. Fully customizable photo booth app for events.

We are here to disrupt.

No more wasted money!

We are NOT a regular
App Development Company

We are NOT a regular 
Digital Marketing Agency
App Development Company

We only focus on developing and offering the most frequently used apps and games in events with affordable prices.

We Have A

Every agency and brand will have access to the best digital tools.

We Are
Well Equipped

Completed 100+ projects in more than 10 years. We have seen 'em all.

We Listen
And Pay Attention

Our personal opinions worth nothing. What matters is yours.

Who Are We?


Here are some popular questions and answers about what and why we do it.

Wikipedia says: A white-label product is a product or service produced by one company (Appseno) that other companies (Your Company) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.

We were. But after completing more than 100 projects with our partner marketing agencies in 10 years, we decided to determine the most common apps and games used in marketing activations, re-developed them using special techniques and made them available. So you can fully brand, customize and use them. No coding required.

It’s pretty simple. Regular app development companies and digital marketing agencies focus on developing case studies. You share the brief and core ideas about the project, and they come up with a concept.

In Appseno, we only focus apps and games used in brand activations over and over again with minor changes. Make them available to fully customize, modify and brand. This way, we could offer them with way affordable prices. See pricing.

Because you want to cut your spending and increase your profitability. And that’s not a bad thing. Why you have to spend more if you can get the same result with less money?

Let’s say you decided to use one of our apps in your project. Hooray! But what if your next project will start after 45 days?

We are not looking ways to charge our clients for something that they don’t use. So you can buy any of our products for 1 week and use it in your project. If you are planning launch multiple projects in upcoming months, you can go with our other options.

You can simply click the live chat button on the bottom right of this page. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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